Friday, 5 July 2013



At first I thought and the thought was strange,
My life in clothes might be all arranged,
To reflect the views of those unseen,
Who rule with taboo and scare with unclean.

My thought fought my mind and my mind was uneasy,
Kaleidoscope rules to make me feel sleazy,
Was normal a being all covered in texture,
And not that of skin? Confusing conjecture.

So Nature met nurture the Yin and the Yan,
The truth needed freedom, perception of man,
Would my place in realm of the devil be booked,
If my body was seen, observed, overlooked?

I stripped back the covers and set myself free,
My expression of life was a mindset of glee,
In glorious nudity finally found,
Equality, liberty, the truth so profound.

The Naturists lent the Textiles the world,
The Textiles in dogma corrupted the soul.
Modesty doesn't vanquish a sin,
Naked is where at birth we begin.

The Textiles shame is the world that's on loan,
Is now disguised as moralities home,
Dogma, taboo, being dressed leads the pack,
But the loan is defaulted we want our world back.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Thank You

Thank You

I now have three readers who are giving me opinion and feedback. A British writer, an American Naturist and a British Naturist. Their contributions are invaluable on so many levels. I am still receiving input from a young British Naturist whose story is also a great source of literary and personal inspiration.

The more the merrier, so if you would like to get involved, please drop me a line.


Friday, 28 June 2013


I would rather have an enemy I understood than a friend I do not.

Editing of the first six chapters of both books is still underway and quite therapeutic. I don't know whether to look for an agent/publisher now or finish them both with a view to an ebook publication. Opinions welcome :-}

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

It's Good To Be Alive Today!

Sometimes the greatest fear is revealing the truth and sometimes the truth accepted with compassion is the greatest feeling possible. 

Personal experience of the day but it may well end up in the book. I hope you all have a day as cathartic as mine has been. All the best to 'E' and the rest of Humanity. JCP

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"Is There Anybody Out There?"

Writer looking for constructive criticism, questions and feedback. In the words of Pink Floyd “Is there anybody out there?”

Excerpt Draft Script

DJ chokes on some Coke and with splutters and streaming eyes exclaims. “You told your Dad! OMG Edward! What did he say?” DJ is now surprised that Edward is sat opposite him. That he has been allowed to see him again.

“He said I was being a boy”.

“That's it, nothing else? I don't believe it”.

“He and Mum said quite a lot really...”

“You told your Mum!”

“Yes, we talk about most stuff. I guess it's easier that way, no surprises. We're Naturists so talking about bodies isn't that unusual I suppose”.

“Bloody hell Edward. Does anybody talk to their parents about that stuff? It's weird isn't it?”

Monday, 24 June 2013

Thank You

I had some inspiring help over the weekend from wonderfully articulate and open member of the Young Naturist movement. Their contribution has already influenced the character development and will probably continue to do so. Your stories will hopefully make these books more relevant, more familiar and more entertaining. Big thank you to 'M', the contributor, someone really worth knowing :-}

Looking for an illustrator, publisher, any readers prepared to give constructive criticism.

Welcome to all the Bloggers from around the world. Russia, Germany, Poland, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, the Netherlands, USA and Indonesia. Worldwide contributions always welcome.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Progress Report

Chapter six of both books are completed. It astounds me that stories that are completely fictional can be populated by so much that is familiar or aspirational.

I have submitted the first chapter for constructive criticism so I'm pretty nervous about that. I'm not sure if nervous with the hope of being praised or arrogant with the chance of being knocked back is better. In my theatre days I was arrogant all the way to the production and then petrified by how the audience might react. It's a fact of theatre that if the show is good the actors get praise but if a show is bad the director gets blamed, how it should be but hard on the director.

I found some great research material on a Naturist Forum, a topic that actually dealt with teenage sexuality in a Naturist setting and parental concerns regarding it. There were some very constructive comments and reassurance for anybody with a teenage son in Naturism.

Editing today. Taking the often uncontrollable flow of narrative that first hits the page and shaping it into something more readable.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Progress Report

Character development and plot development are complete so feeling good about that. New characters have a habit of wandering in for cameo rolls, some are welcomed, like the 'girl with the green eyes' (do you think Jade is a bit obvious for her name?) and some are gently escorted off the page.

The first five chapters of each book are in draft form and a wonderful person who is an experienced writer has come forward to help me spot the trail of my dyslexia and offer valuable constructive criticism. They have already challenged me on content and inspired themes. Big thank you 'J'.

I'm still looking for counterbalance to my opinions. If I get these books right they will educate through fiction, if I get them wrong I may introduce negative bias to other's ideals.

When I was a young director in the theatre I was asked to write something interesting in the show's programme. I wrote “A man can only be judged by his own understanding of his own limitations”. The Musical Director wrote “I want to be a tomato”. I've never forgotten how much I envy his philosophy.

All the best, JCP

Hello Naked People & Hello Dressed - Calling All Naturists & Textiles

I guess it's up to me to kick things off and hope that someone finds my Blogs drifting on the web and throws them a line.

I am writing a couple of light fictions that challenge taboo subjects and some help would be welcomed and appreciated.

The themes of the books are adolescent sexual curiosity and experimentation and 'mild' sexual abuse. The books are 'Dalmatian Jones and the Naturist King' and 'The Wrongs and Rights of Passage'.

I have done a huge amount of research into the subjects I am writing about. I have personal experience to call on but I don't want the stories to be my dimension only so please contribute. You won't appear in the text because you contribute but the anonymous reflection of your views, criticism and questions will.

I look forward to hearing from you. JCP