Friday, 5 July 2013



At first I thought and the thought was strange,
My life in clothes might be all arranged,
To reflect the views of those unseen,
Who rule with taboo and scare with unclean.

My thought fought my mind and my mind was uneasy,
Kaleidoscope rules to make me feel sleazy,
Was normal a being all covered in texture,
And not that of skin? Confusing conjecture.

So Nature met nurture the Yin and the Yan,
The truth needed freedom, perception of man,
Would my place in realm of the devil be booked,
If my body was seen, observed, overlooked?

I stripped back the covers and set myself free,
My expression of life was a mindset of glee,
In glorious nudity finally found,
Equality, liberty, the truth so profound.

The Naturists lent the Textiles the world,
The Textiles in dogma corrupted the soul.
Modesty doesn't vanquish a sin,
Naked is where at birth we begin.

The Textiles shame is the world that's on loan,
Is now disguised as moralities home,
Dogma, taboo, being dressed leads the pack,
But the loan is defaulted we want our world back.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Thank You

Thank You

I now have three readers who are giving me opinion and feedback. A British writer, an American Naturist and a British Naturist. Their contributions are invaluable on so many levels. I am still receiving input from a young British Naturist whose story is also a great source of literary and personal inspiration.

The more the merrier, so if you would like to get involved, please drop me a line.