Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello Naked People & Hello Dressed - Calling All Naturists & Textiles

I guess it's up to me to kick things off and hope that someone finds my Blogs drifting on the web and throws them a line.

I am writing a couple of light fictions that challenge taboo subjects and some help would be welcomed and appreciated.

The themes of the books are adolescent sexual curiosity and experimentation and 'mild' sexual abuse. The books are 'Dalmatian Jones and the Naturist King' and 'The Wrongs and Rights of Passage'.

I have done a huge amount of research into the subjects I am writing about. I have personal experience to call on but I don't want the stories to be my dimension only so please contribute. You won't appear in the text because you contribute but the anonymous reflection of your views, criticism and questions will.

I look forward to hearing from you. JCP


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