Sunday, 23 June 2013

Progress Report

Chapter six of both books are completed. It astounds me that stories that are completely fictional can be populated by so much that is familiar or aspirational.

I have submitted the first chapter for constructive criticism so I'm pretty nervous about that. I'm not sure if nervous with the hope of being praised or arrogant with the chance of being knocked back is better. In my theatre days I was arrogant all the way to the production and then petrified by how the audience might react. It's a fact of theatre that if the show is good the actors get praise but if a show is bad the director gets blamed, how it should be but hard on the director.

I found some great research material on a Naturist Forum, a topic that actually dealt with teenage sexuality in a Naturist setting and parental concerns regarding it. There were some very constructive comments and reassurance for anybody with a teenage son in Naturism.

Editing today. Taking the often uncontrollable flow of narrative that first hits the page and shaping it into something more readable.

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