Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Progress Report

Character development and plot development are complete so feeling good about that. New characters have a habit of wandering in for cameo rolls, some are welcomed, like the 'girl with the green eyes' (do you think Jade is a bit obvious for her name?) and some are gently escorted off the page.

The first five chapters of each book are in draft form and a wonderful person who is an experienced writer has come forward to help me spot the trail of my dyslexia and offer valuable constructive criticism. They have already challenged me on content and inspired themes. Big thank you 'J'.

I'm still looking for counterbalance to my opinions. If I get these books right they will educate through fiction, if I get them wrong I may introduce negative bias to other's ideals.

When I was a young director in the theatre I was asked to write something interesting in the show's programme. I wrote “A man can only be judged by his own understanding of his own limitations”. The Musical Director wrote “I want to be a tomato”. I've never forgotten how much I envy his philosophy.

All the best, JCP

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